| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Two Moroccan planes carrying food arrive in Beirut, army says

Two Moroccan planes loaded with 90 tons of foodstuff provided as a donation from Morocco’s King Mohammed VI arrived in Beirut early on Tuesday, the National News Agency quoted a statement of the Army Command -Orientation Directorate as saying.

The foodstuff which arrived at Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport are donated to Lebanon’s military institution and to the people, the statement said.

Moroccan Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Krein, and the representative of Army Commander General Joseph Aoun were presented at the airport.

This was the last batch out of eight Moroccan aid aircraft, six of which have arrived in the past few days.

Lebanese Armed Forces Commander, General Joseph Aoun, on Monday welcomed at his Yarzeh office Moroccan Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Krein.

General Aoun expressed his deep gratitude to His Majesty Moroccan King Mohammed VI for the valuable royal gift he granted to the Lebanese military institution and the Lebanese people in light of the current circumstances the country is going through.

“This grant reflects the depth of the strong relationship between the two countries,” Aoun added.