| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

UNIFIL spokesperson addresses calls for amending UN security council resolution 1701

UNIFIL spokeswoman Andrea Tenenti discussed the rising debate about the need to alter UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and create a buffer zone with the “Voice of All Lebanon” radio program on Friday.

“The Security Council is the entity that issued the resolution, hence any discussions regarding its future cannot commence except through the Security Council and its member states,” said Tenenti, underlining that “the pillars of Resolution 1701 remain valid.

He added that “the priority remains in preventing escalation, protecting civilian lives, and ensuring the security of peacekeepers.”

Responding to a question about the possibility of an imminent tripartite meeting in Naqoura, he said, “So far, there are no indications of upcoming meetings. However, UNIFIL, led by General Stefano Del Col, actively engages in efforts to reduce tensions, avoiding the risk of broader conflict. All these efforts have been carried out through bilateral communication with the parties, without convening a trilateral meeting.”

  • NNA