| 26 May 2022, Thursday |

US Ambassador Shea on commemoration of US embassy attack in Beirut: “We renew our commitment to achieve peace in Lebanon”

In a speech recognizing the 39th anniversary of the bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut, US Ambassador Dorothy Shea said, “We recall the horrific act that murdered 52 people on April 18, 1983.” Such assaults were not only targeting the United States, but also Americans and locally recruited Lebanese employees, as well as officials from the Internal Security Forces, were among those killed.”

“They say time heals, but we will never forget our fallen comrades,” Shea added.

The US remained steadfast in its commitment to seek justice for the victims. We are resistant to the bad impacts of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, which continues to seek dispersing us, but we are not terrified. We will continue to enhance the links between our nations and people, especially in these trying times, as we endeavor to help the Lebanese get out of the current economic crisis and towards a brighter future.”

  • Sawt Beirut International