| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Weather for tomorrow partly cloudy with fog on the heights

The Civil Aviation Meteorology Department expected the weather on Thursday to be partly cloudy in general, without any change in temperatures in the coastal and mountainous regions, and a slight decrease in the interior regions, with active winds at times and the appearance of thick fog on the heights.

According to its detailed weather forecast, it indicated the following:

– General condition: Summer and humid weather dominates the eastern basin of the Mediterranean

– Average temperature for the month of July 2021: between 24 and 32 degrees

-Expected temperatures:

On the coast from 16 to 26 degrees

Over the mountains between 18 & 26 degrees

In-land between 18 & 37 degrees

Surface winds: Active southwest, speed between 10 & 40 Km/Hr.

– Visibility: Medium on the coast, worsens at medium heights due to thick fog in the morning and evening

-Relative humidity on the coast: between 60 & 85%

-Sea condition: low waves to wavy, water surface temperature at 29 ° C

-Atmospheric pressure: 1010 HPA (equivalent to 758 mm Hg.)

-Sunrise at 05:43 a.m.

-Sunset at 19:46 p.m.

  • NNA