| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

What are the mountain roads blocked with snow this morning?

The Traffic Management Center on Monday reported that several mountainous roads have been blocked across Lebanon due to the accumulation of snow in the following regions:

Ainata – Al Arz

Kfardebian – Hadath Baalbek

Mneitra – Hadath Baalbek

Akoura – Hadath Baalbek

Kamouaa – Qbayet

Marjhin – Meshmesh

Maaser El Chouf – Kefraya

Tanourine – Laqlouq

Tannourine – Hadath El Jubba

As for Tarshish-Zahle road, it is opened for all vehicles except for trucks. Dahr al-Baydar road is open for all vehicles.

It is noteworthy that volatile weather dominates the eastern basin of the Mediterranean. Starting from Tuesday night weather will be affected by a low pressure accompanied by cold air masses. (The average temperature on the coast for the month of February is between 11 and 19 degrees Celsius.

Expected weather in Lebanon:

Monday: Partly cloudy to cloudy with no change in temperature, scattered rain and light snow at an altitude of 1,700 meters and above. The weather will gradually improve, starting from the afternoon. We also warn of the danger of frost layers on mountain roads that are at a height of 1,700 m during the night and early morning hours.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with high temperatures, low humidity and active winds, starting in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy with active winds that would reach 60 km per hour without a slight change in temperature, gradually turning into cloudy with rain starting from noon. Rain becomes very heavy sometimes with thunderstorms and snow at an altitude of 1,900 m, and its precipitation decreases with the gradual decrease in temperatures to touch 1,200 m at night.

  • Sawt Beirut International