| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

What damages does the recent crisis’ aftermath affect Gulf’s residing Lebanese?

Head of the Lebanese-Gulf Economic Relations Development Authority, Elie Rizk, said that there is great danger on the future of the Lebanese who emigrate in search of their livelihood, regarding the statements issued by Minister of Information George Qordahi.
However, he stressed in statements to Al Markaziya that “the Kingdom has not and will not issue a decision to expel the Lebanese working in it, but if Saudi businessmen and owners of companies decide to boycott the Lebanese and expel them from their jobs on Saudi soil, the Kingdom will not discourage them.
In the context, he said: Minister Qardahi’s position has left significant negative effects on Lebanon’s relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are already tense and have witnessed a marked decline in recent years, as a result of the hostile stances shown by some political forces represented in successive governments, especially since Lebanon has recently become accused of being a crossing point for drug smuggling to the Saudi market. The Saudis have become convinced that the Lebanese government is hostile to the Kingdom, despite all its benevolent initiatives towards Lebanon and its standing by its side in the most adversity.” He added
Rizk pointed out to “the sudden Saudi popular campaign that swept social media and launched the hashtag “the popular campaign to boycott Lebanon,” adding “Therefore, the rift between the Lebanese and Saudi peoples must be bridged, and the relations between them must be restored.”
What is required today is the resignation of Minister Qordahi, because it is not permissible to launch these stances, while the government is in dire need of the international community’s assistance, and it is very important that the government does not include ministers with hostile attitudes towards the Gulf states. The Lebanese state must also work to restore trust between the Gulf and Lebanese citizens, which was lost as a result of the mistakes committed by the political forces and successive governments. Rizk concluded.