| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

What is behind the marches and roadblocks in Jeb Jennin?

Popular discontented movements have been occuring in Jib Jennin, as anger prevais due to the deprivation of electricity in the town. The protesters blamed political and partisan authorities that control the electricity sector to disrupt the decision of the region’s deputies, which led to an agreement with the Litani Authority, Electricity of Lebanon and the Ministry of Energy to install a link between the Mashghara plain and Jib Jennin, in addition to a station feeding the Rashaya area.

Mass rallies have been launched since the early morning, distributed by hundreds, to the government headquarters where they were closed, as were schools, banks, waste lab, and roads leading to Jib Jenin, in light of the heavy deployment of the army, leopards and security services. The angry residents refused to open the road between Kefraya and Jib Jenin, despite the army’s repeated attempts.

The residents refused to label the move as “a facet of sectarianism, but rather equality between the people of the villages, where the lighting is 22 hours in the villages of west of the lake and south of the Qaraoun dam, while the villages of east of the lake live in darkness under very difficult economic conditions.”