| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

What is between President of the Republic’s advisor, and fuel stored in “Forest” company?

Advisor to the President of the Republic, Michel Habis, issued the following statement: “In response to what was stated through the interview conducted by former MP Paula Yacoubian on Al-Jadeed TV, today on 11/09/2021, that I am a shareholder in the Forest Company, and the suggestion that the stored fuels In Ashrafieh, belongs to me, and the aforementioned TV’s hasten to exaggerate  Yacoubian’s words and promote false news, that the fuel storage company is affiliated with the advisor to the President of the Republic, Michel Habis.

In response to this slander and misleading by fabricating and publishing false news that affects me personally, and which I deny its content completely, as I have nothing to do with these fuels what so ever, knowing that the “Forest” company issued a statement denying its ownership of any real estate in Beirut, including the aforementioned warehouse. It confirmed that its work is merely advisory, and that it does not own, trade or store any materials of any kind, including fuel. Thus, I reserve all my rights in terms of prosecuting the fabricators of this false news and its publishers before the competent reference.”