| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Will the Internet be completely cut off in Lebanon?

Minister of Communications, Johnny Al-Qurm, indicated that “there is no need to rush to charge the prepaid lines,” noting that “the stock in the market is sufficient for months, as there are recharge cards for “Alfa” and “touch” worth of $60 million .”
Qurm added via a television interview: “There is no total interruption in the communication service or the Internet, but we may witness a temporary interruption.”
It is noteworthy that Qurm’s office has reassured previously in a statement the Lebanese, stressing that he was striving with all his energy through the contacts he had made during the past days, to secure a way out for the diesel crisis, the minister managed to commit Banque du Liban of transferring the sums that are allocated from the ministry periodically to oil facilities from the pound to the dollar at the market price for diesel purchases by the Ministry of Communications, thus avoiding the interruption of the Internet and communication services.