| 8 February 2023, Wednesday |

Will wheat prices climb in the near future?

Lebanon’s Mills Association released the following statement:

In agreement with the assembly’s meeting with the advisor to the Minister of Economy and Trade, where he explained the problems and burdens borne by the mills as a result of large increases in fuel prices paid in dollars in cash, knowing that the operating hours of private generators in the mills became 22 hours instead of three hours per day, which doubled the cost of fuel, which is constantly rising.

In addition, international wheat prices rose during the last month from 280 to 380 US dollars, noting that these prices are likely to rise in the future. Also, the maintenance of equipment and devices is paid by mills in cash, and today it is very expensive.

For these purposes, which are outside the will of the Ministry of Economy and Trade and all those concerned from mills and bakeries, which resulted in a rise in the cost of production and the prices of products such as flour and bread, against the will of those concerned, and in light of price developments that were outside the will of all, which resulted in a significant increase in the cost of production. The meeting emphasized the importance of reconsidering milling costs in order to keep mills operating and bakeries producing bread for citizens.

The assembly emphasized the importance of strong collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Trade in the public interest and in the interest of a basic food industry, namely the mills and ovens sector.

  • Sawt Beirut International