| 30 March 2023, Thursday |

Winds impede extinguishing Dunniyeh fire.. and warning of approaching homes

The head of the Service and Operations Division of the Civil Defense, Mansour Srour, revealed that the fire that broke out last night in the groves of the town of Batramaz in Al-Dunniyeh is still strong.

Srour said via “Voice of Lebanon” that “the civil defense personnel are trying to extinguish it, but the wind speed is strong, which poses a challenge to us, and there are no roads to access the forest to contain the fire,” adding that “Operations are continuing to ensure protection for citizens, as the areas are vast, and the speed of fire spread is linked to the speed of winds, which constitutes a danger from its approach to neighboring houses.”
This comes as the Minister of the Environment in the caretaker government, Nasser Yassin tweeted, “After strenuous efforts that continued for hours last night to put out the fire in Tarmaz, the fire is now being cooled and controlled by the volunteers of the civil defense centers in Sir, As-Safira and Bakhoun, with the support of the emergency and relief apparatus, the first responder teams and the people.”

Srour added, “A warning bell about climate change is that the fires start on the first of March.”

  • Sawt Beirut International