| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

you are not worthy of “take care of your brother” …fiery message from Zain Al-Omar, “to the president”?

Singer Zein Al-Omar, opened fire via his account on Twitter, at the President of the Republic without naming him, as the followers concluded, as he wrote: “For Years, we believed you, and dreamed of a homeland, years and we did not believe how toheal the wound of ” take care of your brother.” Unfortunately, you sold your brother, and allied yourself with all the symbols of corruption, just for ” the Presidential seat.” After everything that happened, we get sure everyday, that 88 years and your are strong only against your brothers. You are exposed now, you only harm your brothers, Alas for all the dead. You are behind it all. “.

Zein Al-Omar continued in a second tweet, “You told us that you are against the militias, we told you this is great. You destroyed nothing but the Lebanese resistance, and today you are allied with the largest militia in history. You destroyed our dreams, our youth and our children. We had the greatest power in the East. Nothing you said turned out to be right. unfortunately, today it became clear that your project is only to destroy our areas. you are not worthy of the term “take care of your brother.”

  • Sawt Beirut International