| 27 September 2021, Monday |

5 minutes of laughter with MP Hasan Fadlallah

Since Hezbollah’s invasion of Beirut on May 7, 2008, and the Lebanese feel that they are under the domination of an armed group, that has occupied their dignity and imposed on them a fait accompli that they must reluctantly adapt to.

May 7, 2008, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, considered it one of the resistance glorious days. For the killing of innocents, is a glorious day, hitting the capital and terrifying its people is also a glorious day!

What happened in Khaldeh recently, is the result of accumulations, including May 7, this weapon should not go unnoticed every time, and there must be a reaction to the “harassment” of the party’s followers who feel a surplus of power as a result the state failure in holding them accountable for their criminal actions.

The people of Beirut are under the law, which made their rights lost under “the law of the jungle”, which Hezbollah imposed by force of weapons, and took control of all parts of the state.

It is so ironic, for the ‘Hizb’-Hezbollah- to ask for the Lebanese army intervention in arresting the perpetrators, while the killers of the martyred Prime Minister Rafik Hariri are released and free. It is so ironic for the ‘Hizb” to ask for the army’s assistance, while the aforementioned built its state on the agony of this army and hindered its missions.

It is so ironic that the ‘Hizb’ resorts to the law that it violates every day, where is the murderer of the army’s martyr, the pilot Samer Hanna?

When the party refuses to hand over the killer of Hassan Ghosn in Khaldeh, it must know that “they will not be lucky every time” and failure to hold the killer accountable will lead to dire consequences, because people’s lives do not belong to Hezbollah

As for what is ridiculously wailing, is the behavior of the party’s deputy, Hassan Fadlallah, when he commented on Khaldeh’s events, by considering that the tribes ‘behavior, is the behavior of thieves and gangs! Wait a minute Fadlallah, do tribes have to stay silent for the assassination of their son?

The thieves, Fadlallah, are the ones who invaded Beirut and built their state, and established their illegal crossings to smuggle fuel and steal cars. The gangs, Fadlallah, are the ones who trade in Captagon and send it inside vegetables and fruits to the brotherly Arab countries, especially the Gulf.

There is no wonder in  Fadlallah’s words, when he said that the “Hizb” is capable of eradicating the “gangs” in Khaldeh within 5 minutes if the state does not carry out its tasks, as he reminded us of his masters “ the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ words” when they threatened to eradicate Israel in 6 and a half minutes.!