| 26 February 2024, Monday |

The international warnings are tightening the noose around Lebanon.. No to war

International warnings, especially the American ones, are intensifying against Lebanon in order not to expand the scope of the war and go into the unknown in light of the lack of clarity about what the war in Gaza will lead to, and the fear of its consequences on the region, especially the points of tension there, including the southern front in Lebanon.

These warnings reached their peak in recent days, according to diplomatic sources who revealed to the “Sawt Beirut International” website that the American warnings to Lebanon did not come out of nowhere, but rather came after a series of meetings between senior American officials and Israeli officials, and the result of these meetings was heated, and American officials sensed an insistence on the part of the Israelis to expand the war or change the method of response and the current rules of engagement that control the southern front, so the American response was clear and firm that Washington is against any expansion of the war in the region.

The sources say, “Washington is concerned that the situation in the south will deteriorate, and it sees that the southern front is getting closer every day to expanding the scope of the war and that the southern front will break out and reach an irreversible place. Therefore, Washington decides to intensify its efforts with Lebanon and Israel to rein in the situation, because Lebanon cannot bear the results of this war, which will be a disaster for the Lebanese people, who will pay the price as is the case today in Gaza.”

According to the sources, Washington believes that the Lebanese government is incapable and has not fulfilled its duties to stop the dangers facing Lebanon and is dealing lightly and irresponsibly in sparing Lebanon from any possible war, and this is clear from the statements of Lebanese officials that reached Washington’s ears, that the Lebanese government does not have control over fateful decisions, and this is the most dangerous thing that Lebanon faces, and this means that any decision to go to war is outside the framework of the Lebanese government, which means that Lebanon faces a great and imminent danger of entering the war at any moment Tehran wants.

Accordingly, Washington moved through diplomatic channels towards Tehran and warned it against any reckless decision it might take to blow up the front in southern Lebanon, because America was clear and strict from the first moment that it did not want to expand the war, and any entry of other parties will deter any party that tries to take the region into a comprehensive war.


  • Sawt Beirut International