| 17 July 2024, Wednesday |

American barrier against Israel to prevent war on Lebanon

“As in Lebanon, so in Israel, there are international pressures to prevent the widening of the war or opening the northern front in Israel, especially after the Israeli army’s ground operation in Gaza faced significant delays due to the fierce fighting by Hamas, with civilians paying a heavy price in the sector, according to what military sources told “Sawt Beirut International” website.

The sources state that “there are international pressures, especially from the United States, through almost daily intensive contacts and sending envoys to Tel Aviv to urge the Netanyahu government not to undertake any military operation towards Lebanon as it would complicate matters.”

The sources further add that “recently, within the Israeli military leadership, the need for a military operation towards Lebanon to alleviate the impact of Hezbollah’s operations has emerged. However, these intentions quickly collided with the American barrier, which stood as a strong barrier against the deterioration of situations in the south, driven by several considerations that Washington considers fundamental.”

The sources indicate that “Washington does not want to expand the scope of the war, which was also agreed upon in Iran, ensuring that the war remains confined to the Gaza Strip and not drag the region into a war whose outcome remains uncertain.”
“One of Washington’s main concerns, according to sources, is that any expansion of the war front will complicate the ground operation in Gaza. Despite its slow progress, Washington believes it will achieve its objectives set against Hamas. This is the basis upon which Washington operates, having avoided further fronts through an agreement with Tehran.”

The sources express concerns about potential “foolishness,” as they term it, fearing that any misstep by either party could ignite the southern front or any other front with Israel. During wars, many mistakes occur, leading to uncontrollable disasters. However, until now, the situation remains under control, and diplomatic efforts have succeeded in containing and maintaining control over the fronts.”

  • Sawt Beirut International