| 14 August 2022, Sunday |

A manager in a high position close to Basil… Deals, money and real estate, where did you get this from?

Some say that the head of the Free Patriotic Movement is the smartest person who puts something in his name of real estate and money. He relies on several methods to hide his wealth, according to close people who know Basil’s behavior in such matters. He studies his steps well and makes accurate calculations.

Special sources reveal to the “Sawt Beirut International” website that if we want to know what Basil owns of money and real estate, we must search for the fortunes of those close to him, and the managers and advisors who revolve in Basil’s orbit.

The sources, who refused to reveal the name of a general manager who is still in her position to this day, and many suspicions revolve around her, add that she has plenty of money to buy everything she likes, knowing that her salary is very modest given the real estate and expensive cars she owns.

The sources say that the director bought large properties in the Batroun area, especially those properties that Basil set his sights on, which raises questions about Basil’s standing behind the purchase. Add to that, luxury cars with a total price of more than half a million dollars. Where did she get that?”

The sources pointed out that those close to the family of the “director” advised her not to enter into such deals, as there were suspicions around her and a judicial file that Basil worked to wrap him up in so that the truth would not be revealed.

And the sources continue, the aforementioned “manager” bought a house some time ago in Greece and in America, all of this from illegal money, and the sources say that the property and real estate belong to Basil, but of course there is a specific commission that the “manager” receives for every purchase or transaction that you make. In this way, if she falls into the trap of the judiciary, she will be held accountable away from Gebran Bassil, because all the deals were concluded in her name.

  • Sawt Beirut International