| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Aoun… “They can’t wait to get rid of me.”

As President Michel Aoun’s end of term approaches, everyone hopes to turn the page of the ominous and worst era in Lebanon’s history, as it led Lebanon to unparalleled economic, financial and security collapses, and the citizen lived through all kinds of humiliation, craving bread, begging for a pill, and standing in petrol queues.

Aounists, live in a state of political hysteria, as if they did not believe that the covenant is about to end, especially since they spent the ruling years, with obstruction and political quarrels without any significant achievement, but rather brought calamities as a result of their malicious policies.

Everyone who visits the Presidential Palace reports that President Aoun tells his visitors, “They can’t believe when to get rid of me, what did I do? I did nothing bad!” The visitors add that Aoun realizes that he did nothing for Lebanon, but his main preoccupation was the flotation of his son-in-law, Representative Gebran Bassil, and securing his continuity and marketing him as President of the Republic, but Aoun’s wishes were not fulfilled and clashed with allies, before opponents.

Visitors tell “Sawt Beirut International” website, quoting Aoun, that the presidency has made him unpopular, and he has gained more enemies than friends, and it has not left him a friend, and that sitting in Baabda’s chair, has plunged him into a war that has not ended until today, and it will continue even after the end of the covenant.

The visitors indicated that President Aoun is resentful of his allies, who supported him to reach Baabda, and then put obstacles in front of him with the aim of thwarting the covenant, and then the economic crisis came to deepen the wounds of the covenant, in addition to Corona, and many extraneous factors that Aoun does not bear alone.

The visitors found that Hezbollah’s weapons were an essential part of the deteriorating state of the covenant, as the President of the Republic realizes that covering the illegal weapon, will weaken him, and target him locally and abroad, but he cannot go towards the defensive strategy of placing weapons within the framework of the state for several reasons, the most important of which, is the immaturity of the idea, within the axis of resistance, even if the Party had talked about it, but the truth is completely different, and he received messages from the Party that “Now is not the time, Mr. President,” so Aoun overlooked the matter in order to pass his reign, with the least possible losses, and not to create an additional problem in the Lebanese arena.

The visitors continued, quoting Aoun, that the US sanctions against Bassil restricted the movement of the Covenant and braked any reform process, and the only concern became how to lift the sanctions on Bassi,l in preparation for his candidacy for the presidency, because under the US sanctions, there is no hope for Bassil to reach Baabda.

  • Sawt Beirut International