| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Arab League .. “Hezbollah” sloughing Lebanon off its Arab environment

Lebanese officials fell into frightening incomptance, through the most severe diplomatic crisis that the country has witnessed since its inception. President Michel Aoun is on Baabda “planet,” and is almost absent from the scene, and Prime Minister Najib Mikati is wrestling with the mills of absent solutions, and begging America and France to save the Salvation Government from the storms of Gulf staediness.
As for the Shiite duo, they are in complete silence, waiting for the moment of overthrowing the Information Minister Georges Qordahi, and his punishment for what he said about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is credited with Lebanon for its prosperity at all levels.
In this context of diplomatic crisis, sources familiar with stances within the Arab League, reported that there is great fear among Arab countries that Lebanon will slip into the unknown, on both security and economic levels, especially in light of Gulf’s loss of confidence in the Lebanese state, and the rift between Lebanon and its Arab and Gulf surroundings.
The sources indicated to “Sawt Beirut International” that the Arab League regrets the situation that Lebanon has reached in its relations with the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia, which has never been stingy in helping Lebanon and the Lebanese.
The Arab League fears that Lebanon will turn into an arena of conflicts and settling scores for Iran and its regime, which has spared no effort to split ranks among the Lebanese, and dominate them through Hezbollah, which prefers Iran to Lebanon.
Adding that the Arab League did not see any serious efforts by the Lebanese state, to address the crisis with Saudi Arabia, and wonders how the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, stands by, waiting for what Prime Minister Najib Mikati would do. This only indicates that Aoun is fully involved in the Iranian axis, and is subject to Hezbollah’s policy with regard to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.
Concluding that the Arab League has become certain, that Hezbollah takes Lebanon hostage, puts the fate of the Lebanese people at risk of security and economic dangers, dominates the state’s decisions and moves its joints according to Tehran’s interest. And this is unfortunate that Lebanon has moved from the Arab embrace to the Iranian regime’s arms, which is destabilizing the countries of the region, such as Yemen, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, and that those with sovereign positions in Lebanon, should move in order to save their country, and maintain its swift return to the Arab world.