| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Bassil confused.. Fierce battle, and “we cannot stay away from Hezbollah, we will lose.”

As the parliamentary elections gets closer, head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gebran Bassil gets worrier, and no matter how much Hezbollah tries to play the role of leverage in the areas where it can turn its votes to the “Tayyar”, it will not make Bassil a Christian leader, as he needs the majority of Christian votes to consolidate his leadership in the Christian street, similar to what President Michel Aoun had achieved, when he ran in Kesrouan and won ample parliamentary seats in the previous elections.

No matter how much Hezbollah tries to heal the wounds of the opposition, and to reconcile between the head of the Marada movement, Suleiman Franjieh and Bassil, the “party” realizes that the “jar has broken” forever, and as soon as the elections are over, each party will go to its barricade, to shoot the other because the presidential election’s due date is approaching.

To this, Batroun sources indicate that Bassil’s electoral base is no longer the same as it was in the past. As there are those who resigned and joined other parties and revolutionary groupings, and this matter weakened Basil’s popularity, especially since his traditional opponent, the Lebanese Forces Party, nominated a strong figure who knows Basil’s weaknesses in Batroun and plays well on this chord, and the Lebanese Forces candidate, Ghiath Yazbek, enjoys great popularity and commands the respect of Batrouns outside the framework of the Lebanese Forces, and this strength is what Basil fears.

The sources confirm to “Sawt Beirut International” that “Bassil’s meetings with the Tayyar’s cadres in Batroun are very tensed. There is frankness from his base, which holds the Free Patriotic Movement part of the responsibility, as a result of its alliance with Hezbollah, and demands the dismantle this alliance, but Basil confirms to his cadres: “We can’t stay away from Hezbollah, we will lose, and we have lost a lot as a result of taking over the regime, ruling leads to losses, and how about if we dismantle our alliance with Hezbollah?”

According to the sources, Basil insists on tightening the nerve of his cadres in Batroun, because his loss means the loss of the Tayyar, and Basil stresses in front of his cadres that the battle is difficult and must be fought carefully and with readiness, because “our opponent is strong and there is a fierce war against the Tayyar, and everyone wants to bring us down in the elections, and our loss means that Michel Aoun’s approach is threatened, and we do not want this, you have to work day and night, and it is forbidden to lose one voice , no matter what it costs.”