| 27 September 2022, Tuesday |

Bassil hires actors and artists to promote his electoral campaign

The Head of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) MP Gebran Bassil stands confused about what he will do to raise morale with the approach of the Parliamentary elections, especially since the results of the statistics he is conducting are coming negative, due to the popularity his party has lost during President Michel Aoun’s era.

Bassil assigns all statistics companies to feel the pulse of the Christian Street, because Christians remain the ones who gave him the largest bloc, and today he feels that he has lost this confidence and no longer occupies a position of strength among them.

Gebran Bassil is assigning lately some artists and actors to carry out the electoral campaign for FPM, hoping that it will restore some of what he lost. Private information confirms to Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that Bassil’s last meeting with the movement’s cadres was raucous, during which he blamed the movement’s officials for the results of the statistics, because they do not know how to highlight the strength of the party among Christians.

Information revealed that Bassil decided at the end of the meeting to resort to influencers on social media who have followers and support FPM to assign them to carry out the electoral campaign.

Information indicated that these are Bassil’s last weapons to re-establish his popularity. Consequently, officials in FPM contacted some well-known “public figures” and “influencers”, as well as some actors.

The information revealed that “a large number of these people refused the idea, because they do not want to engage in political debates with anyone, and prefer neutrality in the electoral battle, because they have obligations with advertising companies that prevent them from revealing their political affiliation, which angered Bassil a lot.”

It was learned that Bassil offered the actors offers to be paid in “fresh dollars”, especially those who were absent from television screens for a long time as a result of not receiving offers to act, and are now looking for another source of livelihood.

Some accepted Bassil’s dollars, and the first of these election campaigns began to appear on social media, as we witnessed that some actors who did not have any political positions regarding the situation in Lebanon, began publishing their tweets in support of the covenant and the FPM, and promoting political files that were carried by the FPM, and most of them failed, especially dams and electricity files.

  • Sawt Beirut International