| 4 December 2023, Monday |

Between Shatah and Azour… Lines of threats and booby-trapped letters made by the Party

Among all the pictures of former Minister Jihad Azour, Al-Akhbar newspaper wanted to publish his photo on its front page next to the martyr Mohammad Shatah. This is not just a mistake or a circulated image, nor is it a coincidence. The newspaper, which is affiliated with Hezbollah, intended to adopt that specific image through prior conception and design.

All Lebanese people are aware that the language of threats is the language Hezbollah uses with its opponents. Through the resistance-affiliated newspaper, they aimed to convey a clear message. As Lebanese, we know how to read between the lines and understand what Hezbollah implies when it is cornered. History proves this, as the martyrs of the Cedar Revolution did not fall victim to car accidents or the coronavirus, and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is evidence of Hezbollah’s crimes. Rafik Hariri, the martyr, did not die of a heart attack. Tons of explosives filled with the hatred of the resistance tore apart his body and the nation. Since that day, we have witnessed chapters of Hezbollah’s threats and practices, alongside their dominance and control over the Lebanese people.
Yes, it is a threatening message to Azour. The party wanted to say to the opposition that if you continue to nominate him, he will be next to Muhammad Shatah.
This is the approach of the party. It only knows what it has learned from the defunct Khamenei regime. It is influenced by the teachings of the criminal Bashar al-Assad and his oppressive regime, as well as the policy of killing and assassinations.

  • Sawt Beirut International