| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

“Check pawn”, so king prevails

In a future we hope to be soon, when the black cloud represented by a party that believes anything but its lineage to God, ceases to exist, a mother may tell her children a bed time story, about once upon a time an enemy was planted on our borders by the will of World War II victors. And in moments of our weakness and failure, He occupied our land, so it became obligatory to us to liberate it. and when the land owners set out to liberate it, the people and the state formed a solid backstop for them with money and weapons, and when liberation was accomplished, they took over the state and dominated the people with their weapons. They were singled out for the fate of an entire nation and the decision of its war and peace, causing over and over in destroying it and killing its sons.  And the real brothers, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, would come every time to its rescue and reform what the “non divine party” had spoiled, supreme – not out of weakness- over the wounds that afflicted them from those with foolishness and dementia even from this party’s environment and leaders, to an extent that their great one “ who is not great”  wished death to AL-Seoud family. Despite of what the Kingdom has offered after the Israeli war that crushed stone and people in 2006, which is only denied by the ingratitude of malice that throws stones into a well he drank from, in addition to billions of dollars in deposits in the Central Bank, and about 380 thousand Lebanese workers on its lands and on Gulf States Union territories (according to “International Information”)  pumping money into an economically devastated Lebanon. Saudi’s nobility was met with these people perseverance in their slander and delusion without any moral ward off, until matters could no longer be tolerable, and God granted the kingdom a young man who is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and qualified him with abundant wisdom and strictness, and he declared it explicitly, there is no forgiveness for transgression, and decided to meet anger with anger, and take revenge when revenge is a must,  and to show the pride of the kingdom to these sloshy brats. After the kingdom used to adopt poet Zuhair bin Abi Salma’s saying::

Whoever can be of merit to his people and he fails to do so, should be cursed.

Now, the kingdom adopts the same poet’s saying :

He who does not defend his home with his weapons, will be destroyed. And who does not oppress people will be oppressed

He who is afraid of death will die, and who aims for the skies will reach it.
He who loses his way, will not differentiate between friends and enemies, and who does not respect himself will not be respected.

And so, things changed, and no one would dare to attack the kingdom in Lebanon, even among its most bitter enemies. A “sin” committed by a minister who lived the dreams of the past, and who is nothing but a clumsy denial hardly visible, became a non-blessed ram, after the Kingdom’s pride -and as reported by a well-known Lebanese channel – demanded that this insulting minister, visits the Saudi ambassador Walid Boukhari’s home, and present a written and official apology to the whole Gulf Council states. Or else escalatory stances may reach decisions issued by the Arab League. Then, all of Lebanon’s official components, and even those representing Wehbe’s political party, rushed overnight to remove Wehbe’s name from Lebanon’s official list.

The reader might think that the pawn is Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe and the king is President Michel Aoun, but no, dear reader, we are all pawns and the king is “Hezbollah”, who is heading towards “ checking” us all,  if “ Wilayat AL-Faqih” winds blows as its ship desires  in Geneva And Gaza and Yemen, after it plunged the nation into chaos, destruction, division, hatred, and relentless wars. But hollies, a nation that broke the thorn of the brutal Tatar invaders, and fought the October 1973 war that smashed the Israeli arrogance and the myth of the invincible army, is a glory delivering nation, and capable at any time of deterring the Persian aggression, even after a while. So pay attention, we are here.