| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Covenant’s new achievement, ambassadors’ expulsion

Here is Michel Aoun’s Covenant with a new achievement, added to the previous ones, Lebanon’s ambassadors expulsion from the Gulf states. This submitted covenant to Hezbollah, did not leave a friend or a brother for Lebanon, which has become an isolated island from its Arab and Gulf surroundings.

The President of the Republic refused, but to fold, tomorrow October 31, 2021, the fifth year of his constitutional term, to begin the sixth last year, amid what could constitute the worst conditions, the Lebanese lived have witnessed, through the terms of the 13 presidents who took turns in the first presidency. This assessment bu itself is sufficient, to indicate the disastrous effects left by Michel Aoun, and his handover of Lebanon to Tehran, and throwing stones into the Gulf states’ well that irrigate Lebanon, and stood by our side during adversity and crises, and now view it as an occupied state without sovereignty.
This is not how Saudi Arabia, which has white hands in the record of Lebanese-Saudi relations, is rewarded, and this is not how loyalty is to someone who was one of the pillars of material and political support for Lebanon.
Since the fateful Mar Mikhael agreement, and Michel Aoun has put Lebanon for sale, and he sold it to Iran through Hezbollah, which did not leave an occasion without attacking Saudi Arabia, and he was not satisfied with that. Hezbollah has send pomegranate stuffed with drugs to Saudi Arabia, which imports what is worth of one billion and 200 million dollars annually from Lebanon.
What did Lebanon gain from Tehran other than the calamities, divisions and wars? Hizbollah, which immersed in the war in Syria and Yemen, and the destabilization of Bahrain by forming affiliated cells, has flooded Lebanon, and it is left without any salvation platform.
As for Information Minister Georges Qordahi, he revealed his ugly face and dropped the mask of the brilliant mediaman, after he earned his financial wealth from the Gulf countries that opened their doors to him, and treated him as a human being, and made him a prominent media figure. Whitening the face of the black opponents by cursing the Gulf countries friendly to Lebanon. He is returning the favor to the Gulf countries in the most horrific way, by praising their opponents, and cursing the Gulf countries.
Qardahi, who reconciled the antagonists in the Arab countries, is today playing the role of Satan, sowing discord among the Arab brothers, for the sake of who? Of course, Hezbollah, as he has cheered for its shameful and flawed stances, which are not related to the Lebanese morals and culture.
Qardahi should resign immediately, or the government should resign. The Lebanese people can no longer bear more crises with the Gulf states, and the livelihood of the Lebanese is now threatened by the policy of reckless officials who risk the fate of Lebanon and its people.