| 18 July 2024, Thursday |

Demographics of Gaza thwart Israel’s ground plans.

There has been much talk about the ground invasion that Israel was planning for Gaza, but it has been replaced by limited incursions. This indicates confusion and inconsistency in Israel’s stance regarding military plans and how to enter Gaza. It suggests a lack of a clear plan, and Israel seems to fear the potentially messy consequences of a ground assault.

According to military experts, Israel undeniably possesses an effective air force and a stockpile of advanced tanks, which gives it an edge in any battle. However, all this military machinery and tools become ineffective in urban combat, especially if Israel intends to enter the densely populated Gaza Strip. Furthermore, Hamas has spent many years building fortifications and tunnels that allow them to manage ground warfare comfortably, and they can use these tunnels to repel any potential ground attack.
Furthermore, experts state via “Sawt Beirut International” that while Israel can identify and destroy some of the tunnels, it won’t be able to eliminate all of them. The extensive destruction and the accumulation of ruined buildings now serve as a shield for Hamas fighters who can seek refuge amidst the rubble and carry out sniping operations and plant explosive devices. It’s essential to remember that Hamas fighters have a deep understanding of the terrain and its intricacies.

The experts emphasize that Israel should realize that if it decides to invade the Gaza Strip for the second time, this time it won’t be like its previous incursion in 2014. This is because “Hamas” has restructured itself and reinforced its strength, which is evident in the results of its attacks on Israel. These attacks resulted in around 1,300 casualties in a single day, marking the most significant loss suffered by Israel since its inception.
The experts continue by stating that an invasion of Gaza with the goal of seizing Hamas’s weapon caches will come at a high cost for Israel. Every meter of this invasion will exact a steep price from Israel. Achieving Israel’s desired outcome of destroying or even paralyzing Hamas requires a temporary occupation of each sector of Gaza or a portion of it. However, this is something the movement will not allow because it is present in all areas of the Gaza Strip, making it impossible to uproot it through bombings and airstrikes alone.

These experts also highlight the crucial role of demographics in this battle. Israel will face significant challenges in a territory where every square mile hosts more than 20,000 Palestinians. Gaza has one of the highest population densities in the world, characterized by a complex urban layout with narrow alleyways, squares, and various concrete structures of different heights, a landscape that Hamas is intimately familiar with.

  • Sawt Beirut International