| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Did France give up Lebanese presidential ambitions?

Jean-Yves Le Drian, the presidential ambassador to Lebanon, was named to succeed Gerard Mestrallet, the head of the French Agency for the Development of Relations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Lebanese figures are interested.

According to diplomatic sources, despite the fact that this appointment is in Saudi Arabia and will keep Le Drian in touch with the course of political events in Lebanon, particularly the presidential issue, it will keep Le Drian away from direct contact with Lebanon, and priorities will be focused on Saudi Arabia.

Diplomatic sources say, “France began to feel restless towards Lebanon and some of the politicians in it, especially after the Elysée was briefed on the results of Le Drian’s recent tour in Lebanon, and it was born with the conviction that none of the ruling system in Lebanon wants to leave or concede in order to resolve the presidential file and this.” He created a negative atmosphere in the French corridors, which were counting on their efforts to reach a good result.

The sources pointed out that the deadlines have expired, and what France will take will be tantamount to raising the blame, nothing more, and there is a conviction in France that the system is no longer qualified to manage the situation in Lebanon, and there is no hope for the system to carry out the required reforms.

According to the sources, the Lebanese file will become less important in Le Drian’s duties, and his appointment to his next new position was not a positive indication of the French move in the matter of the Lebanese crisis.

The sources ask legitimate questions in light of the deadly vacancy, “Do the Lebanese wake up and realize the size of the risks, and do they know that France is no longer very interested in the presidential file, and does Hezbollah know that it is putting Lebanon in the midst of dangers? time.

  • Sawt Beirut International