| 28 November 2022, Monday |

Diplomatic sources: Army commander’s chances high, and next stage requires his presence in Presidency

The Lebanese Presidency battle has started within the European countries’ corridors, in the aftermath of the parliamentary elections, and the stage of consultation seemed to identify the prospective Lebanese scene, which, according to these countries, requires a president who simulates the process of lifting Lebanon from the bottom of crises, and keeping pace with the reforms required in a stable security environment to succeed the difficult task of the government intended to be formed after the presidential elections, i,e. the first government under the next president.

The decision-making countries are trying to reach a settlement that would make Lebanon a stable country, especially in light of the presence of Hezbollah’s weapons. According to diplomatic sources, there are ideas that are carefully studied, including an agreement among all countries to neutralize Lebanon from external conflicts, especially those related to Iran, which Lebanon is affected by, due to the Party’s relationship with Tehran.

Diplomatic sources indicate to “Sawt Beirut International” website, that the division in Lebanon is big, and it is no longer permissible to disrupt any constitutional path, and that the reform process must follow its path, and in order to facilitate this path, there must be a president at a distance from the conflicting political parties, who exercises his role away from any internal and external interference, stands judgment and is equal among the Lebanese, and holds the security decision.

The sources believe that the most fortunate who has these qualities is the Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, who has proven his ability to hold the Lebanese Army together in the darkest economic conditions, and he stands at the same distance from everyone, and performs his role to the fullest.

“European countries will discuss proposing General Aoun as president, because he is the man of the stage, and he is able to impose the required security stability, in keeping with the reform process that the next government must implement, and General Aoun is a person with international respect, and he is not affiliated with any party,” the sources continue.

Stressing that the settlement’s maturity depends on the US administration’s acceptance and imposition on Iran, which finds that it is in its interest to pressure Hezbollah to accept the settlement, as it does not have any other options. As the alternative will be more strictness and sanctions, which are unnecessary, and France will play a prominent role in the maturation of this settlement, and its marketing in the international community.”

  • Sawt Beirut International