| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Diplomatic sources: Lebanon has entered a new phase

With the acceleration of events taking place in Lebanon, it seems that fateful decisions have been taken on an international level regarding Lebanon, which indicates an active diplomatic movement centered on Hezbollah and its weapons and its hegemony over the Lebanese state.

On the other hand, the opponents are betting on resuming the Vienna negotiations, thinking that there is an American-Iranian rapprochement. This is a wrong perspective, especially in Lebanon, as some believe that Iran will not abandon Hezbollah.

In this context, diplomatic sources indicate to “Sawt Beirut International” that the Vienna negotiations are limited to the Iranian nuclear issue, and the US administration is negotiating on nuclear only and will not accept the inclusion of any issue outside the Iran’s nuclear issue.

The sources confirm that Hezbollah’s weapon, according to the US administration, is a terrorist weapon, and America will not negotiate with terrorism, and this is one of Washington’s constant axioms. It is also fully aware that Hezbollah is obstructing the progress of Lebanon, and it is a military wing affiliated with Lebanon. Therefore, the US administration is distancing Hezbollah from the negotiations so that Lebanon will not be used as a pressure card by the Iranian regime, something that the opponents in Lebanon do not realize.

So there is no bartering at Lebanon’s expense in Vienna, sources say. It reveals that there is a common Western and Arab vision that it is time for Lebanon to regain its health and sovereignty, and this will only happen if Hezbollah’s hand is lifted from the decisions of the Lebanese state. The first signs of this vision were manifested in the Gulf boycott of Lebanon, and this matter was inevitable, and it is the first step in confronting Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran.

The sources added, “Although the United States and France support Najib Mikati’s government, they are absolutely certain that Mikati cannot carry out the required reforms, but the most important thing for the United States and France is to hold the parliamentary elections on time, and to create an atmosphere of opposition to Hezbollah to enter the confrontation to stop it from controlling Lebanon and the fate of its people.”

The sources continue, “There are difficult days that will pass on Lebanon, but in the end the required changes will see the light, and Lebanon will at least be able to create a new anti-Hezbollah balance, and this restores some of the internal balance, and then Hezbollah cannot impose its decisions on the state.”

  • Sawt Beirut International