| 25 June 2024, Tuesday |

FPM’s Bassil offering presidency chair for sale

We never imagined that the head of the Free Patriotic Movement would change his political conduct or choose Lebanon’s interests over his personal ambitions and political greed. Rather, it was time to revert to his former ways, “that is, to return to the policy of bartering, bazaars, buying and selling in Hezbollah markets on a daily basis.”

Opposition parliamentary sources see Bassil’s latest move towards Hezbollah as a failed attempt by the head of the movement to sell proposals that he does not possess, proposals that Bassil had to present to the party for implementation when Michel Aoun was President of the Republic.

Sources explained to Sawt Beirut International that those “who hindered and impeded the implementation of decentralization are the Syrian regime and Hezbollah, that is, Bassil’s allies, so why does he want today to sell the Lebanese proposals stipulated in the constitution, and that do not need Bassil’s bazaar to put them in Hezbollah’s markets?”

According to sources, Hezbollah will not accept decentralization, and this is yet another failed attempt by Bassil, who wants to resort to his ally in every way possible because he realizes that any move otherwise is prohibitively expensive. Also, Hezbollah realizes and acknowledges that Bassil is not that good at taking serious measures to fix the country nor working for its sake, a reason he won’t give up the candidacy of the Marada Movement’s leader, Sleiman Franjieh.

According to sources, Bassil is a dealer in politics who does not have a word and does not respect any agreement reached with any party, emphasizing that bartering is rejected by the opposition and that the presidency of the republic is not for sale or bargaining, and that he will resist any attempt to undermine the presidency and keep it in stalemate.

  • Sawt Beirut International