| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Gulf sources: Lebanon’s denial of Hezbollah’s weapons exposes it to a new crisis

The Lebanese response to the Kuwaiti initiative did not meet the required level, but rather disappointed Arab and Gulf hopes, and it seemed as if it was formulated in Al-Dahiya.

What the Gulf states were waiting for from the Lebanese state about Resolution 1559 was omitted, and the state jumped by its response to this decision under false pretexts that the Gulf Cooperation Council states no longer believe in.

All the positives about the return of Gulf relations with Lebanon are now under threat, and Lebanon has no choice but to wait for the Gulf response.

In the context, Gulf sources say, that Lebanon failed again, and did not take advantage of the opportunity that was re-given to it, and blocked the way with useless inapplicable terms.

The sources added to “Sawt Beirut International” website: “The response in this ridiculous way puts Lebanon once again in front of a crisis with the Gulf countries, which have run out of patience with the evasion of the Lebanese state. The response confirms that Lebanon is held hostage by Hezbollah, which, of course, was acquainted with the content of the response, and in fact, appears that it formulated the response. If the response hadn’t get Hezbollah’s approval, Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib wouldn’t have dared to deliver the message”.

The sources confirm that there are measures that will be taken after studying the response in a careful manner, and the Gulf states will be tough on implementing Resolution 1559 because it is the only entrance to Lebanon’s stability and recovery.

The sources continued, “There is no distinction between the authority in Lebanon and Hezbollah, this authority came as a result of the party’s identification with its components and it implements what Hassan Nasrallah demands, and there are no solutions to extract Lebanon except by stopping the hand of Nasrallah and his party and removing it from the Lebanese state.”

  • Sawt Beirut International