| 11 December 2023, Monday |

Hezbollah awaits Era’s settlement ..and this is the type of president it deems appropriate

After mentioning in a previous article, that Hezbollah is working on a tight plan with caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati, to defuse any conspiracy that President Michel Aoun may resort to in cooperation with his movement and Representative Gibran Bassil, it seems that the plan faltered a little, but it is proceeding according to what the party has drawn, i.e; forming a government before the presidential elections, to manage the presidential vacuum.

Special information to “Sawt Beirut International” website indicates that Hezbollah wants a government before the presidency to tame Basil and his conspiracies that he keeps weaving at every due date. Therefore, the formation of a new government to restrain Bassil, and then Hezbollah will manage the presidential battle in accordance with the settlement that it awaits, and this is of course after we have passed through a great void, similar to what happened before President Aoun was brought to Baabda.

The information says that the party does not want a strong president, because it paid a heavy price and had to go along with Aoun a lot to satisfy Bassil, and this came at the expense of the party’s original allies, that is, those close to him and the Syrian regime. And the latest sacrifices made by the party to replace Basil is to abandon some of the solutions to secure the votes needed for the victory of the Tayyar’s candidates, in the recent parliamentary elections.

The sources pointed out that Bassil cost Hezbollah a lot and annoyed it, and will no longer give Bassil any additional gains, as it secures him the electoral votes. As for the presidency, the party is looking for a candidate of another kind, like the former President of the Republic, Michel Suleiman. A centrist, who does not belong to any party, and he knows well the political traps and red lines, he has no parliamentary bloc, and he has no ambitions to increase his ministerial and parliamentary size. His mission is to manage presidential affairs only, and he is aware of the red lines and does surpass over them, and here the information hints that the closest president to this stage is General Joseph. Aoun, who now has a good understanding of the internal game, enjoys the respect of all parties, in addition to gaining the confidence of the international community. And Hezbollah wants to devote itself to a comprehensive settlement that may ripen with the nuclear agreement, or a security event that would allow Hezbollah to impose the settlement it deems appropriate and which is comparable to the price of putting its weapons on the negotiating table.
The sources stress that when the Speaker of Parliament talks about a president from outside the political alignments, he is promoting ​​Hezbollah’s idea, in a division of roles between him and the party that entrusted the task to Berri, and in turn advised the head of the Progressive Socialist Party to engage with this idea, and from here came the idea of ​​the meeting between Jumblatt and Hezbollah in Clemenceau.

  • Sawt Beirut International