| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

“Hezbollah drones are a means of transporting drugs to Arab countries.”

Hezbollah boasts about Iranian-made military drones, which it repeatedly uses for monitoring airspace, entering Israeli airspace, and gathering desired information.

However, what is concealed is that Hezbollah exploits these drones for another purpose and employs them more than it does against Israel.

Hezbollah possesses a considerable number of these drones, some of which are highly advanced and are manufactured in Iran. The party claims that these drones serve as a means of espionage and attack.
Hezbollah has deceived its supportive environment by presenting this development as a qualitative leap in the party’s military capabilities, elevating the level of threat it poses to its adversaries. It is well-known that the party has benefited from Iranian support in advancing this technology.

According to the latest international security reports, Hezbollah’s drones have become a matter of international concern due to the escalating threats and their use in multiple areas, tasks that no longer exclusively target Israel.

According to military experts, these reports reveal that Hezbollah uses these drones for the transportation and smuggling of drugs across the Syrian borders into Arab territories. Drones have become a means of drug transportation that generates substantial revenue for the party.
Experts confirm to “Sawt Beirut International’ that Hezbollah has begun selling these drones to drug trafficking syndicates and has trained these elements on how to operate the drones, transport drugs into Arab territories, and deliver them to groups responsible for selling and distributing these narcotics. After the drones were intercepted and some members of these groups were arrested, it was acknowledged that these drones originated from Hezbollah. The party’s members train the groups responsible for smuggling in piloting the drones.

Arab and Western security agencies have disseminated this information to all border protection agencies in their respective countries, urging intensified aerial surveillance through radar systems to detect and thwart any drug smuggling attempts.

In summary, Hezbollah’s drones are a significant part of the party’s strategy for drug trafficking, not just for confronting Israel as the party claims, posing a clear threat to security and stability in the Arab region.

  • Sawt Beirut International