| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Hezbollah loosing Christian cover, amid fear of election results

Blowing up the concepts and meanings of democracy rule, head of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” Bloc, MP Muhammad Raad said: “Do not bet on changing the electoral scene.” his words entrenched the saying that Hezbollah controls the joints of the state, and that the elections are nothing but a formality, regardless of the results. Which means that Lebanon is subject to balances, not to democracy and a ruling majority.
According to parliamentary sources, Raad’s words are dangerous and require standing up to him and confronting him, as Hezbollah is anticipating the results of the elections to maintain the scene of control over the state’s decisions.
Parliamentary sources told Sawt Beirut International that the party commits a mistake, when it believes that it can continue with the logic of bullying and dominating Lebanon, through the power of its weapons, and that it must get used to the rule of the majority and the opposition of the minority.
The sources stress that “Hezbollah wants to say in advance to those concerned, that the country will not be run without consensus. As the party rejects the democratic game and will not respect its rules, while saying a big “no” and on top of the roof, to the natural and sound logic,which states that the majority rule and form its governments, while the opposition staty aside to monitor its performance, and hold it accountable in the House of Representatives. In this context, member of the “Future” parliamentary bloc, MP Nazih Najem, was surprised to talk about the entitlement, after President Michel Aoun said that he would not sign the law as stated in its parliamentary amendments, asking in this context about the role of the parliament and the legislative authority if its decisions issued by the majority, are not taken, if not by majority and unanimity in many cases.”
According to the sources, Hezbollah feels that the upcoming elections’ results will produce a majority, contrary to what Iran desires, and this is a great loss for the Tehran axis, and the party’s allies, such as the Free Patriotic Movement, which has lost a lot of its strength and popularity. To Hezbollah, this is one of the red lines, because with the loss of the Tayyar, means the loss of the Christian cover, and the party’s loss of this cover means that it has become isolated and threatened.
The sources also revealed, that Hezbollah is afraid of fluctuations within the Shiite themselves, as there are opponents from the Shiite sect who can violate the party’s regulations at least in one seat, and for the party, this is a blow that it must avoid, and thus Hezbollah is facing a new fait accompli that it must deal with, from a democratic basis, and not through the excess power it enjoys.