| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

I am General Aoun, “First, I will introduce myself”!

I am General Michel Aoun, “I will introduce myself.” With these words, General Aoun started his speech in October 13 at Baabda when he was at the head of the transitional government during the Lebanese war.

We did not realize at the time that this General would fight absurd wars, and turn against the agreements and understandings he had made, cooperating with the Syrian regime in order to sit on the Baabda chair.

Recently, he himself, also said from Baabda, “I am General Aoun, you know me.”

Yes General, we had the honor to know you, you who claim to be keen on Christians, and you whom drove the eastern territory to your personal wars, and exhausted the Christians and killed the youth.

General Aoun, you are the one who triggered the Taif Agreement and stripped the presidency of its powers. All of this happened due to your inflexibility and failure to hold presidential elections, and today you are crying over the Presidential powers and authorities.

You are the one who fought a fierce war in order to unify weapons by ending the militias, but you made an agreement with a terrorist militia and legalized its weapons. You turned against legitimacy even though you are from a military institution.

You are the one who said I will fight corruption and made the impossible absolution, but then you withdrew your promises and concluded a settlement agreement with Saad Hariri in order to conduct suspicious deals.

You are the one who fought Nabih Berri, and your movement described him as a “thug”, but you returned and voted for him as Parliament Speaker.

You are the one who disagreed with Walid Jumblatt, and you fought a war that almost ignited a civil war because of the Al-Basatin incident, but you came back and sat with him at the lunch table in Beiteddine.

You are the one who is fighting today the Central Bank Governor, but you extended for him during a cabinet session and outside the agenda.

You are the one who fought political succession, but you brought your family to power. You appointed your son-in-law as head of the Free Patriotic Movement, your nephew as an MP in Baabda, and Bassil as a minister in the government that you obstructed its formation for his sake. You also brought your other son-in-law as an MP in Keserouan, and you attempted to make him the Lebanese Army Chief.

Yes… We know you very well General. You are the one who says something and does its opposite. There is neither reforms nor change, and we are experiencing disasters every day during your bitter covenant.

“This is enough, leave you chair in peace!”

The aforementioned is a small summary of what your hands have made and what will come will be worse.

  • Sawt Beirut International