| 8 December 2023, Friday |

Kahale incident: From Lebanon, an Iranian escalation to kick off

The skid on Hezbollah’s truck was unusual. The elbow of Al-Kahala proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the party’s weapons are capable of being utilized domestically. By definition, it is not the first truck and it won’t be the last, and hundreds of trucks loaded with ammo pass everyday on our routes. Hezbollah is prepared to point this weapon, which it claims is against Israel, towards the Lebanese people’s breasts at any time.

Security sources confirmed via Sawt Beirut International that an ammunition shipment was headed to the Ain al-Hilweh camp. This action has serious and dangerous ramifications and shows that Iran has decided to blow up the situation inside the camp, and the tension is likely to affect other camps.

According to security sources, “Hezbollah’s military assistance to Palestinian organizations revolves around a number of key factors”:

Training and arming:

Hezbollah provides advanced military training to some Palestinian factions, which contributes to developing their skills and combat capabilities. It also provides them with support in providing the necessary weapons and military equipment, especially those armed factions that revolve around Iran and receive direct funding from it.

Military consulting:

Hezbollah shares its military expertise with these armed groups, through guidance and advice on combat strategies, organizing attacks, and improving tactical performance.

Support for combat operations:

Hezbollah is providing support by providing pro-Iranian Palestinian groups with intelligence and continuing to provide logistical support and supplies.

Enhancing combat capabilities:

Hezbollah’s support enhances the combat capabilities of these groups.

Escalating tension

On the other hand, military support from Hezbollah could lead to an escalation of tension in the camps, and this seems obvious.

Impact on regional peace

Hezbollah’s military support for Palestinian organizations affects regional developments, as is the case today, through Iran’s direct intervention to detonate the situation inside the camps in order to improve their conditions, and the Kahale truck revealed a lot of data that Iran wants to head towards escalation from inside Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International