| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Lebanese-Gulf crisis towards escalation, to liberate Lebanon from Iranian grip.

The Lebanese-Gulf crisis has entered its dark tunnel, among omens that matters are heading towards further escalation as a result of the Minister of Information’s recklessness, who is affiliated with the ruling regime, George Qordahi.
All the attempts to persuade Qardahi to resign, were not successful, although it was long overdue, and will not result in any good signs, regarding the relations with Saudi Arabia, because the issue is greater than the resignation and more dangerous than the minister’s statements.
To this, Gulf sources indicate to “Sawt Beirut International,” that the diplomatic crisis with Lebanon did not start with Qordahi’s insulting and flawed statements against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It came as a result of accumulations practiced by the forces affiliated with the Iranian axis in Lebanon, led by Hezbollah
The sources add that Hezbollah has repeatedly tried, and by orders from Tehran, to flood Saudi Arabia with narcotic pills, and we have not seen any measures taken by the Lebanese state to deter it, which confirms that the Lebanese state’s total submission to Hezbollah.
It considered that Lebanon is occupied internally by Hezbollah, which seeks to implement Iran’s agenda in the Middle East, and it is unfortunate for Lebanon to fall into the Iranian embrace, because it will lead Lebanon to more crises, and disturb its relations with Arab and Gulf countries.
The sources confirm that the crisis is heading towards more escalation, and the message that the Gulf Cooperation Council states intend to convey to Lebanon, is that it must take the necessary steps in order to be liberated from the Iranian grip, and return to the Arab embrace, the natural place of Lebanon and its people.
Sources called upon the sovereign parties in Lebanon and its free people, to rise up against this against this axis that wants evil for Lebanon, and is leading it towards destruction and collapse, such as Iraq, Yemen and Syria.
Pointing out that Lebanon will not recover without the help of friendly Gulf and Arab countries, especially as it is experiencing a stifling economic crisis and instability in the Lebanese pound, but unfortunately, the help will not come from the Arab countries this time, unless the Lebanese policy towards Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf change.
The sources confirmed that Saudi Arabia, along with the Gulf states, differentiates between the ruling authority in Lebanon and the Lebanese people, who have nothing to do with the bad policy of their government.