| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Lebanon without help ” AOUN”

Where would Aoun ( an arabic vocabulary to the word help)  come from, and the covenant is presided by Michel Aoun? Lebanon, which is waiting for a heavenly miracle to save it from corruptors’ swamps and infidel policy dealers, will not get any help. Where would help come from, and Lebanon is haunted by a curse called Hezbollah, acting on suffocating the country and its people.

People can no longer withstand , there is no medicine, nor fuel, and hospitals are no longer able to receive patients due to medical supplies shortage , and hospitalization’s costs have become greater than the citizen’s capabilities, as he is still getting paid  according to a 1500 dollar rate, while the black market dollar is controlling all foodstuffs, medical supplies, goods, and auto parts, for repairing a car is now equal its price.

What kind of covenant are we living through, Lebanon without help, so how will the citizen survive and he can’t even buy his daily livelihood? What kind of covenant is this, as it has enlisted the country among the fourth or fifth world countries, or even at the very bottom?

Queues of humiliation at gas stations are the best evidence of the strong covenant’s success , and the loss of medicines is another evidence that the era of Michel Aoun is one of the most successful eras, Lebanon has witnessed, and electricity shortage is an irrefutable evidence that the covenant fulfilled its promise of change and reform.

We wake up daily to a new calamity and disaster, and we walk between crises helplessly, while the rulers and like a bunch of thieves, are still running after what is left of the “cheese crumbs” to steal it away from hungry people.

We are now absolutely certain that there is no solution in Lebanon by this class that is still fighting over ministerial quotas, and that the theatrical play of powers is nothing but a “make-up” to obscure the bitter truth caused by Hassan Nasrallah and his party, who involved Lebanon into Tehran axis. And caused calamities to a country that dreams of living in peace. No peace, as long as this miserable covenant, and Hezbollah still exist.

Who will save Lebanon before taking its last breath? Who can extricate the Lebanese from this hellish fire which is engorging what is left of life necessities in this afflicted country?

Who can save the afflicted country from its accumulated disasters, if the rulers and decision makers are incompetent regarding finding solutions to  get the country and the people out of this dark tunnel, that is getting darker every day, due to the official decisions’ failure in putting an end to collapses, and putting a Rescue workshop on the right track?