| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Macron is still waiting for promised reforms in Lebanon’s corrupt system

“Poor, Emmanuel Macron, the French President,” said a former French ambassador in response to Macron’s message to President Michel Aoun on the occasion of Independence Day, in which the French president expressed hope that the government would carry out the reforms promised with President Aoun’s support!

When asked about the qualification “poor” he gave to Macron, the French ambassador responded, “Poor because he is still waiting for the rickety political class in Lebanon to implement reforms. What reform are the corrupt eligible to achieve?”

The former French ambassador who got very well acquainted with Aoun when in “exile,” stated that the main disaster that befell Lebanon was the appointment of Michel Aoun as president, revealing to Sawt Beirut International : “I understand this man very well. He is moody, firm in his decisions and does not consult with anyone. His destructive ideas stem from his obsession with power, particularly the power of the “presidency chair.”

He stated, “When he was elected president, I was hopeless. Here is what Lebanon has reached today, during his reign, as the most visible manifestation of his behavior and actions. Lebanon is collapsing, and he hasn’t taken any serious measure to address the collapse since taking office. Rather, it has exacerbated the Lebanese’ misery and plunged himself and the country into crises from which he will not be able to recover.”

In regard with President Macron, the ambassador pointed out that the French president is acting in accordance with a personal interest, especially in the Lebanese matter, and does not want his initiative that he took for the sake of Lebanon to fail. Therefore he is still waiting for promises from those who led Lebanon to collapse. But a question arises: “What aid and reforms will he grant to a corrupt class and a homeland ruled by Hezbollah, which is on the terrorist list?”

“Macron’s statements as well as the reforms that he is expecting from Aoun and the government of President Najib Mikati will not actually occur,” he added, “because the corrupt cannot hold himself accountable.”

“Isn’t it disgraceful that Macron sends congratulatory messages to the president of a republic that is faithful to Hezbollah, which is associated with Iran?” he continued. “What is the point of independence when Iran controls Lebanon by handing over power to Hezbollah?” he concluded.

  • Sawt Beirut International