| 7 December 2023, Thursday |

Lebanon’s Batroun : a city of chaos, who’s paying the price?

This time, we present a topic unrelated to politics and its gimmicks. Let us discuss what is happening inside the city of Batroun, which is an attempt by the power and money cartel to besiege people with despair and frustration, particularly the people of the old city, in order to achieve the establishment of a project known as “Batroun Solidarity”, through the following imposed facts:

The roads surrounding the beaches in Al-Bahsa, and previously in Al-Hilweh, according to the people of Batroun who call themselves “Free Batroun,” are distributed to followers, relatives, supporters, and investors in an attempt to gnaw these beaches and their swimming pools and make them accessible to those who go to restaurants and projects in an effort to rob the people of the city.

“The city is organizing festivals between the old neighborhoods and the public street and promoting them through some paid media outlets and some private pages for their followers to bring the largest number of visitors and arrivals to the city even if it is not of great material benefit for them and for the investors in it, with the aim of causing chaos,” sources told Sawt Beirut International.

“The city is even offering trips with tuk-tuks, golf cars, and mobiles for rent or for taking trips through the narrow and crowded streets of the old city, and allowing them to move freely and unsupervised, especially at night and until the early hours of the morning, with music, chaos, screaming, and even the use of drums, with the goal of causing maximum disruption to the residents of these neighborhoods,” sources added.

Not to mention the new construction code, which they faithfully replicated in a way congruent with their aforementioned undertaking. It permitted all types of tourism investments in the former residential areas without regard for categorization, exclusions, or regulations.

The objective of it all describes two possibilities:

Either all of the repercussions of these transgressions are trespasses and disorder, or none of them are.

Either you sell your real estate to us, it is rented at a price that allows us to invest in it, or it is invested in by someone else for a substantial and profitable fee.

It is the city’s misfortune that it has fallen into the hands of a “cartel” group with power and money but no conscience or feeling of social unity. Following them at every opportunity, for the continuity and longevity of their hold over the city and its decisions.

The heartbreaking thing is that each of them goes to his villa in the evening, far from the noise and chaos of the city, and sits quietly and comfortably… Who’s paying the price?

  • Sawt Beirut International