| 9 December 2023, Saturday |

Presidential file… Third option advances all proposals.

Despite the envoys’ movement to Lebanon, with the latest being the French envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian, who came to find suitable solutions to end the presidential vacancy, he left Lebanon after proposing a solution, which is going towards a third option. However, based on the available information, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri chose to delay the search for a third option and reaffirmed his support for the nomination of Sleiman Frangieh, the head of the Marada Movement.

Parliamentary sources tell told “Sawt Beirut International” website, that Le Drian came this time in accordance with a roadmap set by the Quintet meeting. This is the basis on which the Qatari envoy will operate, despite the postponement of the visit. There is a full conviction among the members that it is necessary to explore a third option after the failure and obstruction of all attempts to elect a new president for the republic.

The same sources confirm that coordination with the Quintet Committee is ongoing and at the highest level. They have reached a consensus that a new president for the republic must be elected from outside the two political alignments, someone who does not pose a challenge to any group and does not perpetuate the vertical division in the country, someone who remains impartial and equidistant from all parties.
Moreover, it was pointed out that there is complete harmony among the members of the Quintet Committee in their approach to the presidential file. Saudi Arabia is willing to cooperate fully to assist the Lebanese in resolving the presidential election deadlock. However, it maintains a distance from intervening in the dialogue process and naming candidates.

Regarding the search for a third candidate for the presidency, outside of the two main contenders, Suleiman Frangieh, the leader of the Marada Movement, and former Minister Jihad Azour, it seems that attention is once again turning to the Army Chief General Joseph Aoun. Despite his statements that he is not interested in what is being said, General Aoun remains one of the most prominent and likely candidates. He is a figure that can garner support from all political factions, has shown good conduct in dealing with the current situation in Lebanon, and is capable of playing the necessary unifying role that the future president must fulfill amidst the existing divisions, according to parliamentary sources.

  • Sawt Beirut International