| 17 July 2024, Wednesday |

Qatar meeting saved presidential file from Hezbollah’s grip

The results of the five-way meeting in Qatar were fruitful for the Lebanese, and according to the issued statement, it really expressed the concerns that Lebanon suffers from in light of the chronic vacancy crisis that has plagued the presidential file for nearly 9 months.

According to observers, the final statement of the five-member committee clearly referred to the obstructionists of the presidential elections in Lebanon.

Sources told Beirut International that the Arab and international consensus show that the constitution is the only way to elect a president and that the dialogue comes after electing a president is remarkable and has clear implications.

Observers add, “The five-way meeting reaffirmed that the presidential solution is through the Lebanese parliament, and indirectly set a framework for France’s handling of the file, according to what was unanimously agreed upon by the five-way meeting, and not through initiatives that do not take into account Lebanon’s interest.

“The margin of movement of the French envoy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has become narrow, and he must act in accordance with the provisions that were issued, which confirms that the French initiative has become an end, and that the arrival of the head of the Marada Movement, Sleiman Franjieh, to the presidency has become impossible, and Hezbollah must give up monopolization,” sources explain. Even the imposition of a president who does not take into account the interest of Lebanon and the aspirations of its people is refused.

Sources also confirm that all the provisions were in the interest of Lebanon, and that resorting to the constitution as a solution to electing a president overthrew all attempts by Hezbollah to impose its presidential choice. Dialogue before electing a president is rejected not only in Lebanon, but also by the countries of the five-party meeting.

  • Sawt Beirut International