| 1 December 2023, Friday |

Qatar’s policies… A glimmer of hope in wars tunnel

No one disagrees on the brutality and criminality of Israel in its wars on Palestine and Lebanon, its violation of all international and humanitarian laws, its hostile behavior towards neighboring countries, its oppression of the Palestinians, and its siege of Gaza throughout these years.

But in a simple comparison between the countries, governments, and regimes that work only for wars, such as Iran, Israel, and all the countries that have support from the axis of the so-called resistance, and between the Arab countries that work for peace, prosperity, economy, and securing a better life for their people, such as the Gulf countries, Egypt, and Jordan, we find that these countries It has reached a place where it now competes with European countries, and even surpasses them in some places.

For example, if we talk about the State of Qatar, we find that its leadership is working with unparalleled effort, its diplomacy is achieving its goals, and it has made tremendous efforts and played an unparalleled role in releasing two American hostages. Through its benevolent diplomacy, Qatar was able to do what no country of those who want war could, and this is evidence that diplomacy is capable of finding solutions away from the language of weapons, wars, and the killing of innocents.

Yes, it is Qatar. Qatar wants the interests of its people and the Palestinian people. It resists through its diplomatic policy, and it is a resistance that is no less honorable than those who claim resistance and in fact want to exploit the Palestinian issue for their personal goals and to expand their influence in the Middle East. Yes, what Qatar has done for the sake of humanity, hats off to it, and it will be built upon publicly in the hope that we will reach a glimmer of hope in the tunnel of the ongoing war in Gaza.


  • Sawt Beirut International