| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Sanctions will not be lifted on Bassil, even if he “tilts the sea” for Washington

The head of the Free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil did not leave a way to lift the US sanctions against him, with the help of President Michel Aoun, through the file of demarcating the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel.

It does not matter if Lebanon’s oil rights are waived, but what matters to Bassil is his personal interest, which is above everything. Lifting sanctions imposed on him is above all considerations, even the interest of the country and the people. Aoun’s position is similar, as the son-in-law’s interest comes first.

In this context, sources close to the US administration and familiar with the path of US sanctions confirmed that whatever Bassil did, the sanctions would not be lifted, even if he “tilted the sea” and provide it as a gift to Washington. The sanctions will remain and will have a legal and constitutional path that he cannot erase.

The sources indicated that the US administration does work according to malicious policies. There are inevitable evidences and proofs of Bassil’s involvement in corruption.

The sources added: “Those who think that the demarcation file is linked to the sanctions imposed on Bassil are mistaken, for the demarcation file is separate and far from any settlement with respect to Washington, and no one is able to involve the US administration in a settlement related to Lebanon and linking it to the sanctions file, which will not be affected by a Lebanese detail.”

The sources believe that Bassil, instead of making settlements that are useless, should change his political behavior and his approach that destroyed Lebanon, and he is still proceeding in a way that increases the suffering of the Lebanese. The administration is clear and has repeatedly announced that it stands beside the Lebanese people, so what about when it comes to the file of demarcation that Is it in the interest of Lebanon and its people?”

The sources said, “Let Bassil adopt the policy of combating corruption, stop his hand from corruption files, and not immerse President Aoun with his personal interests, because his behavior will not remove the sanctions imposed on him.”

  • Sawt Beirut International