| 20 July 2024, Saturday |

Situation in Beirut’s suburbs out of Hezbollah’s control

In every crisis, Hezbollah looks for an event to deflect attention away from the real situation, and fabricates news to assure its supporters that it is still on the scene, but even the party’s incubating environment no longer trusts these fabrications.

According to sources in the southern outskirts, “what Hezbollah claimed regarding capturing an ISIS member in Hay al-Sellom is marred by many false facts.”

According to Sawt Beirut International, “the suburb has become teeming with bandits and drug dealers, and the suburb’s areas are even beyond the control of Hezbollah, which is no longer able to control its territory.”

And the sources continue, “It is possible for a person to be killed for the simplest reason, for the sake of parking a car, traffic preference, a generator bill, or any other reason, while the party stands helpless because it is the first beneficiary of the money of bullies, those who accept sisterhood, and the owners of generators, as the largest share goes to the party.”

The sources indicate that if the Lebanese are disturbed by Hezbollah, then its incubating environment is more disturbed, as it has been living under Hezbollah’s rule and practices for a long time, and it has tasted woe from the actions of its leaders and individuals who do not respect the minimum elements of human dignity and consider themselves gods in soberness. Living in it is no longer intolerable. There is no aid or elements of steadfastness on the part of the party. It is better for what Hezbollah calls to live in an incubating environment and with the most honorable people in the minimum level of dignity.

The people of the suburb wake up and fall asleep to the sounds of bullets, conflicts, and street warfare taking place between drug dealers and armed gangs that may disagree over a theft or share the thefts and shares, and only the people of the suburb pay the price.

  • Sawt Beirut International