| 22 April 2024, Monday |

Sources close to Azour: No political positions promised to any party.

As the date for the election of a new president of the republic approaches on June 14th, speculation and media fabrications have increased, with a portion of them focusing on deals and promises attributed to the crossroads candidate and former minister, Jihad Azour. The opposition team has left no method unused in attempting to disrupt Azour, and the latest of these fabrications is the claim that Azour promised the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, a basket of political positions in exchange for the latter’s support in his journey towards Baabda.
Sources close to Azour, denied via “Sawt Beirut International” website, all the news and lies that have targeted him through opposition newspapers and websites. Affirming that Azour has not engaged in any deals and has not promised anyone political positions, neither directly nor indirectly. They further state, “Recently, the opposition team has been dealing with Azour in an unethical manner, lacking the minimum standards of fair competition and democracy required for the presidential process. They unleash their yellow pens to fabricate lies that deceive no one.”
The sources affirm that Azour did not discuss ministerial positions or any other positions with Bassil or anyone else, especially the governorship of the Central Bank of Lebanon. Such statements are highly disgraceful, and Azour does not operate in such a manner. Furthermore, if he assumes the presidency, he alone does not have the authority to make decisions and appointments. Therefore, such lies indicate the absolute ignorance of their creators and their lack of minimum political understanding and awareness of the decision-making process in Lebanon.

The sources state, “It is also too early to talk about positions within the government or elsewhere, as the presidential process has not been completed yet. No president has the sole authority to decide on the formation of the government, and the constitution is clear in this regard.”

  • Sawt Beirut International