| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Struggle escalates between Nasrallah and Maher Al-Assad

A stage of status-quo engulfs the conflict between Hassan Nasrallah and Maher al-Assad, and despite the intervention of some close to the two parties, the crisis between them still exists and is escalating, reaching a place where it has become difficult for the problem to be solved.

Nasrallah and Bashar al-Assad’s brother were never on good terms, as their relation  was built on interests. Then it was the Syrian war, that forced Maher al-Assad to deal with Nasrallah and his party against his will, as it required cooperation between them, in order to pass the war phase.

This cooperation quickly turned into hostility, as Maher al-Assad did not respond to the reality imposed by the war, and refused to cooperate with the Secretary General of Hezbollah, except in matters related to the distribution of spoils and money and smuggling operations.

Sources familiar to the conflict between them reveal, that the crisis is escalating quickly, and the efforts of those close,  to converge views, have not succeeded, because Maher al-Assad escalated his hostile stances towards Nasrallah, and is now demanding the party’s departure from Syrian lands, because he considers that the war is over, and the presence of the party’s members in Syria, is no longer necessary.

The sources added to “ Sawt Beirut International” that the dispute necessitated the intervention of Russia and Iran, to put an end to it, as it may lead to an armed conflict between the Fourth Division led by Maher al-Assad, and the party members present on Syrian territory, such disputes have previously occurred, and led to the killing of some of the party’s members.

Sources pointed out also, that Maher al-Assad is afraid of Iranian expansion in Syria, and considers that Iran’s expansion in Syria through Hezbollah, harms the Assad regime, and makes Syria a closed country. However, Russia reassured Maher al-Assad that the Iranian presence is only temporary.

Maher al-Assad is keen to issue decisions through the Syrian presidency that prevent party members from leaving their positions, except by orders from the Syrian leadership, and not to conduct patrols except under a direct order from the President of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, and bans the party members of approaching the areas of Fourth Division’s influence, under the threat of shooting, as the party members will be considered a hostile force.

The sources confirmed, quoting Syrian sources, that the diesel fuel, which the party claimed came from Iran, is a small part of what was smuggled into Syria, released by the Fourth Division after a direct intervention from Bashar al-Assad, as the party was suffering from a severe fuel crisis in its environment.