| 7 December 2023, Thursday |

Syrian indignation for Hezbollah in Syria

Hezbollah is facing a vengeance in Syria in the areas in which it is present, as the Syrians have come to view the party’s members and the pro-Iranian militias as occupiers, after militia practices carried out by Hezbollah members towards the people, as the party considers that it has the credit for preserving the Syrian regime, and this gives it the right according to his opinion to act as he pleases.

The data available from Syria to the “Sawt Beirut International” website indicate that the activities of those areas held a meeting to discuss the presence of Hezbollah in the areas and put an end to immoral practices, as they say, and to send a strict message to the regime that these areas should be evacuated immediately for the benefit of the Syrian regime’s army and the local police. Because the situation is no longer tolerable, and the people warned that if the situation is not addressed, a kind of resistance will arise in the face of Hezbollah and other militias.

The people noticed that recently the party began to act as if it were the owner of the land and began to practice rituals and traditions far from the traditions of the people of the region, which created an atmosphere of tension among the people, in addition to raising religious and political slogans related to Iran.

As a result, the people reported that the brother of the head of the Syrian regime, Maher al-Assad, intervened directly to deal with the situation before matters escalated, and asked Hezbollah to remove religious banners and slogans and act as a guest and raise the Syrian flag only, otherwise he would no longer be able to control matters, and Maher al-Assad promised the people to work to receive those The regions are from Hezbollah and put the party’s members in a manner similar to house arrest inside the centers and barracks, and not to leave them except with a direct order and permission from the Fourth Division, and put all leaders and militias at the disposal of the Fourth Division.

According to the residents, shootings and individual quarrels have increased recently between the people and Hezbollah members as a result of some thefts and causing problems with the youth of the area and provoking them. Weapons are widely spread among the people, and the situation warns that things are no longer under control, and the people are calling on Hezbollah to evacuate their areas or stay. Within the centers, the fact that those areas do not have war and the presence of war in them is no longer justified.


  • Asharq Al-Awsat
  • Sawt Beirut International