| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

“Tayyar” loses 15% of its strength.. Bassil hopes for elections not to happen

The Free Patriotic Movement hopes for the parliamentary elections not to take place, and to be postponed, no matter how expensive the two matters are, because their occurrence at this stage means a lot of loss for Representative Gibran Bassil, who wants to market his parliamentary bloc in the presidential election.

Today, he enjoys the largest Christian bloc, while the upcoming elections will make him lose the majority, and this means his loss in the presidential race in which Bassil feels that he has lost a lot, and the Baabda road seemed cut off for him. He was betting on the parliamentary elections for obtaining a Christian bloc, but this will not happen.

Bassil knows well that if the Free Patriotic Movement loses the elections, it will be tantamount to the end of Michel Aoun’s path, which Bassil inherited, and on which he built his popularity, and won over the Christian street through services he presented, as a result of Aoun sitting on the throne of the presidency, in addition to appointments made by Basil in state administrations to control some of the presidency joints, and the endorsement of this influence in order to exploit it in the parliamentary elections

Sources of companies that carry out statistics confirmed to “Sawt Beirut International” website, that Bassil’s fear of the election results, is the result of the Free Patriotic Movement lost of 15% of its electoral power, and this is a huge figure number. Its results are disastrous at the electoral level.

The sources indicate that the elections will shock the Tayyar if they happen, and Bassil knows this very well, and thus, he wishes most that the elections will not happen, and bet on delays to gain more time.