| 4 July 2022, Monday |

” Tayyar”recognizes Hasbani’s strength, and people of Ashrafieh see in him a salvation debut

Based on the results of the parliamentary elections, and the victory of Orthodox candidates, and the honor of its Orthodox community in it, Ashrafieh has always been considered the center of gravity for the Orthodox sect for centuries.

It is Ashrafieh in every sense of the word, and it means the high place that overlooks the following lands, and it has earned its name for its geological nature. In this region, ancient Orthodox families have significant social and political influence, especially their electoral influence.

According to the parliamentary election figures, elected MP Ghassan Hasbani took the throne of the electoral votes and won what no Orthodox candidate had previously achieved, especially according to the current law, as he won 7080 votes, and this number is very huge and is far from the competing candidates.

Ashrafieh citizens express their joy via “Sawt Beirut International” and confirm that Hasbani restored the Orthodox leadership to Ashrafieh after it had been lost for many years, by nominating orthodox personalities below the required level, who never lived up to truly expressing the aspirations of the people of Ashrafieh, with the exception of a few so as not to generalize. However, Hasbani’s candidacy was a masterstroke that hit the core of what is required. He is a sober, likable, educated and humble personality. Hasbani has the ability to attract opponents before allies and those close to him.

Hasbani’s competitors, parties and personalities, say that Hasbani imposed his respect since he took over the Ministry of Health, and he did not distinguish between one sect and another, and he was not defamed by any suspicion of corruption. Therefore, Hasbani’s strength stems from here, and that is why he reaps such large numbers that no one can compete with him anymore.

For their part, the sources of the Free Patriotic Movement in Ashrafieh commented with the word “Congrats”, and considered that Hasbani’s figures should be stopped at, and worth studying, and regardless of his being the candidate of the Lebanese Forces, his numbers are respected and appreciated, especially in an area of ​​an Orthodox nature. This honorable sect said its word, is not only on the faculties level, but on the Orthodox level, far from partisan accounts.

The people of Ashrafieh hope that Hasbani will present the required model and restore life to this area, which has been excluded from the Beirut municipality, and has become an area deprived of development and projects needed to revive it.

The people of Ashrafieh, who came out to life after the devastating August 4 bombing, which set Ashrafieh back, are looking forward to Hasbani being the cornerstone for “restoring the spirit to Beirut”, a slogan, that Hasbani raised.

  • Sawt Beirut International