| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Tehran’s Supreme Leader instructs Nasrallah to ignite the crisis between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the Iranian Republic of Lebanon. That’s what the mullahs’ guide and militia’s sponsor in the Middle East, Ali Khamenei, wanted. He gave orders to the young soldier who is obedient to Wilayat al-Faqih Hassan Nasrallah, to open the horns of hatred against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Lebanon, which, thanks to Nasrallah and his terrorist party, has become a fertile ground for passing crime messages towards the fraternal Gulf countries.

In this context, Arab diplomatic sources indicated that Nasrallah’s attacks against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this offensive manner set back the course of Lebanese relations with the Kingdom and the Gulf states, deepened the wounds of the internal political crisis in Lebanon and strained relations with the Gulf states.

Sources told Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that Nasrallah’s intentional attack on the Kingdom from Lebanon clearly indicates that more than one Iranian message was directed to the Arabs, placing the Lebanese as hostages to Iran’s interests in the ongoing conflict between it with the Arab Gulf states and with the United States, which will inevitably damage the situation in Lebanon severely.

The sources stressed that Nasrallah’s remarks, and then posting offensive pictures in his areas of influence and sarcasm on the Kingdom, will lead to unexpected reactions on the internal and Arab sides, and will intensify Lebanon’s isolation and affect the course of Arab and international solutions and assistance, in resolving the financial and economic crisis and saving Lebanon from a catastrophic collapse.

The sources added: “Iran feels that its negotiations in Vienna have stumbled, and therefore it has given orders to Nasrallah to aggravate the situation and ignite the flames of hatred against the Gulf states.”

The sources stressed that Saudi Arabia, along with the Gulf states, will not remain silent regarding the lies Nasrallah has fabricated. Saudi Arabia has clear and white actions towards Lebanon and regional countries, while Nasrallah and his terrorist party are on the list of sanctions as a result of their crimes in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, as well as the drug trade and Captagon pills, and the days will reveal more about this terrorist party, that practices all kinds of prohibitions.


  • Sawt Beirut International