| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

The rulers want to change citizens

It has become obvious that the chances of forming a government have diminished and even vanished, especially amid the statements war that have raged between Baabda, Beit al-Wasat and Ain al-Tineh.  The broad title for the current period is: “No voice is louder than the voice of controversy, clashes, and statements battle.”

The significant scene that prevailed today was that political officials and rulers are demonstrating against themselves, so who will listen to their demands? Which regime they want to bring down?

Welcome Thursday! The rulers are revolting against the hungry people. “This is Lebanon, this is March 8 alliance, and this is its face.” Humiliation photos and videos showing people battling to purchase milk, oil, medicine, and gasoline. Presidential and institutional performance under this covenant have deteriorated to the most humiliating eras throughout the ancient and modern history. The ruling parties have destroyed the public finance and usurped people’s rights. It also stripped from citizens the cover of concealment, pride, and dignity.

The rulers have smashed the citizen’s capabilities and plundered their earnings. Then they moved to snap each other and dig up in their hidden hatreds, until they approached the lowest level of responsibility.

Yesterday, insults dominated between Hezbolla’s allies in Baabda and Ain Al-Tineh, amid defamed statements between the first and second presidencies, in a surreal image that reflected the cracks and gaps between the ruling majority.

It is Lebanon, were the authority does not know how to come up with solutions. The rulers have plundered the country’s assets leading it to bankruptcy, and plunged it into an international, European and Arab isolation.

Even the Lebanese army did not survive from the practices of the ruling class, as it is now threatened with financial collapse. This means that the remaining impregnable fortress in this country is under danger. If the Army forces didn’t receive the required aid from donor and influential countries then the country will be on the verge of a dangerous security crisis. Therefore, Lebanon will become a jungle that is snapped by it corrupted rulers.

  • Sawt Beirut International